Many Tips about Router’s IP Address

Like other private IP addresses for the router, you can also change the address, more information please visit Note, however, that a unit should be linked to him; or there would be a collision between the two devices. The network will not function properly.

What if you transfer more than 2 GB or more of data? Here we can use the local network. A LAN is a group of two or more computers that can share information and resources. You can have up to 1,000 computers on your local network depending on the size of your organization, as long as the computers are kept in a building or place. Here I will tell you how to build a local network for 5-10 computers. First, we need to know the facilities that are required for the installation of a LAN.

Routers ship with standard default SSID. For example, the default SSID for Linksys routers, not surprisingly, “Linksys”. As you can see, if you would-not be armed intruder with some leading manufacturers of common SSID can change the default SSID of your wireless network router very easy to find.

Open Internet Explorer (it should be the original browser from which you installed the router or you bought the computer), and enter in the URL field.

What is utility in a LAN configuration? It is used in travel information. However, its functionality is not only limited, as it facilitates network configuration and also simplifies network installation. It can be used to configure the modem device to connect a system to the Internet, is required. Because it eliminates the need to insert switches for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, the implementation of this IP address takes place quickly.

Who needs to know the name of the wireless network? You do, of course. And anyone else you want to access your wireless network. But your neighbors need to know? Or the type of driving from your house? Of course not. There is a setting SSID broadcast disable. Seen here in the documentation for your router, how to make this change (or someone you trust to do it). Now, nobody can your SSID from the list of the “available network connections.”

Change the SSID. It is also called the network name. You can edit for easy reference in your own name. Typically, the default SSID is the make and model of your router. Let the SSID from the default settings, it may be easier to hack for hacking into your network. After renaming, turn off the SSID broadcast. This will prevent others get signals from the network. It will make your network invisible.

In the same screen that you changed the name of your network, you will see options for SSID broadcast. Select make “Disable SSID” invisible to your network. Now save all your settings and log out.

Finally, almost all routers, computers and iPods use to the IP address Printers, computers and other devices using the same IP address but not the router and that is rare. If the router does not respond when you must solve to find out what the problems are. You can connect your router to the Internet with your browser. There are three main reasons why the router should fail. 1) When the browser opens, and the router does not respond. 2) The router has a different IP address. 3) computers and browsers are unable to join the network. So remember that troubleshooting is a must, in order to find what the problem is and that almost all routers have the same IP address.